5 Things to do this Spring Break If You Can’t Afford a Flight to Cabo

By March 16, 2016Blog, College Life

By Grace Han


1. Go Home and Spend Time with Family!

This one’s pretty straightforward (and cheap). Spend this break at home, and actually enjoy it! Spring Break is a short enough time where you can stay home all week with your family without going absolutely crazy like you do during Winter Break. Take advantage of the free laundry, free meals, and DirecTV, but most importantly spend time with your parents and siblings. They really do miss you and want to know about your college life, and as much as you might hate to admit it, you miss them too.


2. Catch up on Recreational Reading and Netflix binges

If you do need some of that alone time over break, use it wisely! That is, catch up on that list of books you actually want to read, but don’t have time to during the semester. If reading isn’t your thing, or you’ve already finished all of the Game of Thrones series, turn to Netflix or Hulu to binge some of the shows you’ve put on hold since the start of the semester. We know you’ve been dying to see what all the fuss is about with the new Netflix series, Fuller House 😉


3. Spend Time Outdoors, Explore.

Think you’re wasting your life away by sitting indoors on a couch for hours on end?? Get outside!! Spring Break is a good time to adventure outdoors. The weather will (hopefully) be great, so take some time to hike local trails, play pickup in the park, or bike around your city! You’ll feel good, AND look good as a result.


4. Go on a smaller trip with friends!

Even though it may not be an all-inclusive resort, you can still take a few days of the week to go on a shorter trip with friends from home to make your Spring Break special and memorable! Take a roadtrip down the coast, stopping at scenic overlooks and every In-N-Out. Or pitch a tent and go camping for a few nights, enjoying nature and being unplugged from all social media and technology. Or even go to places in your hometown that you normally wouldn’t go to, like the aquarium, zoo, exploratorium, or other things of that nature.


5. Find a Week Long Service Trip

There are plenty of humanitarian and environmental organizations that sponsor collegiate trips to serve internationally! Whether you love playing with kids, or are interested in sustainability, or want to help solve the water crisis in certain countries, there’s something out there for you. Many of the trips are made possible through fundraising and financial aid from the organizations themselves, so you don’t spend one penny out of your pocket. I am going to the Dominican Republic for the second Spring Break in a row to work with orphanages and run sports camps. Go to the internet and start exploring YOUR options!