5 Ways Your Style Changes Throughout the Semester

By December 9, 2015Blog, College Life, Fashion

Have you ever noticed that your wardrobe changes from season to season? What about from month to month? As creative (and busy) college students, tons of eclectic fashion choices can be seen throughout campus at any given time. However, there are always some similarities that can be seen in all of our styles as the semester goes by!

1. First day: August

The year’s finally started! You plan your outfits a week in advance because you’re so pumped to show off your haul from the summer. (You’ll seem super cool if you’re spotted sporting an EthiCAL tee)


2. One month in: September

The novelty of school is starting to wear off but it’s cool–your style is still top notch! Okay, maybe you’re a little behind on laundry, but reusing the shirt you wore last Tuesday while hanging out with a different group of friends is perfectly fine, right?


3. Two months in: October

We interrupt your midterm-studying to bring you a new style: I-Haven’t-Left-The-Library-In-Two-Days


4. Three months in: November

It’s finally starting to feel like a different season! Time to retire those shorts and tanks and bust out your nifty sweater collection!

5. Four months in: December

Hoodies and sweats. All day, every day*.

*Exceptions made for pajamas and blankets for transforming yourself into a human burrito.