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Four Ways to Upgrade Your Brownies

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By: Winnie Yan, 1st Year Applied Math

Now that midterm season is finally coming to a close, everyone needs some sweetness in their life. In this still-kinda-chilly spring in Berkeley, what can beat brownies in bringing warmness straight to your heart? While we all love good old brownies, there are times that we want more, so much more! Peanut Butter? Cheesecake? S’more? Red velvet cake? Well, Buzzfeed got us covered!

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Learning Microfinance from a Vending Machine

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By Riley Bathauer, 2nd year, Business Administration

Picture charity as a vending machine. We would see great options on this vending machine: I think I’ll choose the local animal shelter! I have a dollar in my pocket to spare, so I think I’ll donate that much today. When you put a dollar into the machine, out comes a token of appreciation instead of candy. This token is not tangible, but it has a deep value to you. By giving the machine a dollar, you made a difference.

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