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Four Ways to Upgrade Your Brownies

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By: Winnie Yan, 1st Year Applied Math

Now that midterm season is finally coming to a close, everyone needs some sweetness in their life. In this still-kinda-chilly spring in Berkeley, what can beat brownies in bringing warmness straight to your heart? While we all love good old brownies, there are times that we want more, so much more! Peanut Butter? Cheesecake? S’more? Red velvet cake? Well, Buzzfeed got us covered!

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How to Look Like a Berkeley Student

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After my first month here at Cal I have noticed a few things about our collective style choices. There are a few Berkeley staples that I will venture to say at least 90% of us are guilty of wearing once or twice in a blue moon. Fitting in overall at a school with over 40,000 students is one thing, but broadcasting what niche you have settled into here at Cal is another. Apart from a few universal wardrobe fixtures really blending in with the golden bears takes a little bit more nuance. This is the #1 PUBLIC UNIVERSITY IN THE WORLD after all.

To kick off this unofficial, and un-credentialed fashion guide let’s start with the basics.

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