Four Ways to Upgrade Your Brownies

By April 14, 2016Blog, College Life

By: Winnie Yan, 1st Year Applied Math

Now that midterm season is finally coming to a close, everyone needs some sweetness in their life. In this still-kinda-chilly spring in Berkeley, what can beat brownies in bringing warmness straight to your heart? While we all love good old brownies, there are times that we want more, so much more! Peanut Butter? Cheesecake? S’more? Red velvet cake? Well, Buzzfeed got us covered!

Here are four kinds of creative ways to combine brownies and all our other favorite guilty pleasure!

1) Peanut Butter Fudge Brownies


Chocolate brownies and peanut butter? This is the upgraded version of Reese’s! If you like the combo of sweet and salty, this seems to be the one for you!

2) Cheesecake Brownies


Brownies mixed with cheesecake? It is surely different from your typical chocolate cheesecake you have been getting at a local bakery!

3) S’Mores Brownies


We all sometimes miss the winter when we make s’mores with our friends by the bonfire, so why not relive the childhood memory by having a taste of this s’mores brownie?

4) Red Velvet Nutella Brownies


When our all-time favorite in a cupcake store, red velvet, runs into the king of popularity, Nutella, the two make a great team!
It is true that every video on BuzzFeed Food gives us the facade that baking and cooking are easy and quick to learn, but the procedure of making these four kinds are actually not too complicated to understand. Moreover, you can easily buy all of these ingredients in the Sam’s Club down on Telegraph, so why not give it a try next weekend? Surprise your friends with your baking skills and treat yo self at the same time!