Live Your Life Morally and with a Purpose

By March 15, 2013Blog, College Life


It is always tempting to choose the easy way out. In Jacqueline Novagratz’s talk she urges people to act as moral agents and immerse themselves in a purposeful cause. Novagratz advocates for entrepreneurs who put people and planet before profit. She envisions a future where leaders use their resources to change the world in a positive way. To understand what your true vision is for the future it is important to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What is my purpose in life?
  2. What are my values? 
  3. How can my values help shape my vision for the future?

It is essential to have this moment of self-awareness about one’s values and vision. By asking these tough questions, it can ultimately help clarify how to live one’s life righteously. In today’s economy, there is no question that most businesses are profit driven and want immediate results. This practice has led to businesses not accounting for their effects on the environment and marginalized people. For instance, communities in the Global South are battling against businesses encroaching on their natural resources they need to survive their daily lives. Novagratz told the story about a housing developer, who lives a life of immersion and chose to stand by his values over profit. He wanted to build a housing community in Pakistan without using bribes or any unethical transactions to speed up the construction. The process took a long time but in the end it served the needs of 2,000 people. There needs to be more leaders like him who stand their ground for what they believe in. It is your choice to be a moral agent and stand up for change.