Stressed out from Midterms? Try these tips!

By March 4, 2016Blog, College Life

By: Khawaja Zargham Bin Aamer

Regular college stress can be irritating but still manageable. Midterm season, however can be an entirely different story. We know that midterms can be very overwhelming, especially at Cal, and sometimes stress gets the best of us.

Maybe it’s left you looking like this:


Or maybe you’re up all night chugging up on that caffeine.


If you can relate to this situation, then try the tips below!

1)   Eat 3 meals a day!

Food is important for our bodies, especially when we’re stressed out! This seems a little obvious, but a lot of students at Cal do not eat 3 or even at times, 2 meals a day! It can get quite easy to skip a meal when you have a midterm coming up, but your body will thank you later if you can make time for a meal.  Don’t have time to get down to Crossroads for every meal? Take a to-go box on your way out, so you have dinner while studying! Can’t eat in Doe or Moffit? There are many other study places on campus where you can eat while working!


2)   Take periodic breaks

Research indicates that we learn more when we study for short intervals of time, as opposed to just working until we are burned out. Try taking a 15-minute break after every 45 minutes of study time so you do not look like this!  


3)   Sleep Well!

Losing out on sleep not only decreases your productivity, but also can lead to memory issues.   Research indicates that good sleep can boost your cognition, or thinking skills, and memory — and bad or insufficient sleep can worsen them. So pulling off those all-nighters can do more harm than good in the long run. So if you do not want to be like this,


Then don’t sacrifice your sleep (often)!

4)   Buy EthiCAL clothing

Coming soon this April, you can buy our clothes from our very own clothing line! Make sure you upgrade your wardrobe with our excessively cool apparel because when you look good, you won’t feel that stressed out!

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