11 Oct

Why EthiCAL?

By Vanessa Kim, 1st year, Pre-Haas


You may have heard of us through flyers on Sproul, social media, or perhaps a club you are associated with has ordered shirts from us before.

Or maybe, you’ve never heard of us.

So here’s a post for those of you who want to make a difference in other people’s lives but don’t know who we are or what we’re about.

We, EthiCAL, are a student-run organization and a business from UC Berkeley whose main focus is to help fight global poverty by designing, screenprinting and selling custom apparel.

How does this work?

We utilize Microfinance.

100% of our profits are lent out to entrepreneurs living in our backyard as well as to those living in impoverished countries who need the money to start their own businesses. We, as a team, go through a selective process of searching for individuals whose business goals and objectives spark our interest through KIVA and KIVA Zip. (For a more thorough explanation about microfinance and how it works, check this out!)

With EthiCAL, you become part of making a real difference. Simply giving to strangers is one thing, but providing them with stepping stones to help improve their lives long-term? Now that’s something that is truly impactful.

It doesn’t stop there–supporting EthiCAL means giving students the opportunity to act on their passion for social impact. EthiCAL is run by a group of students who are passionately volunteering their efforts to help end global poverty. We take pride in EthiCAL and we hope you do, too.

Giving our generation the opportunity to take part in something big, something that goes out and beyond the college campus is an important step in preparing us, the students, to interact with the “real” world. It shows students that they can make a direct impact on other people’s lives, and that it’s very easy to do so, too. We want to continue to inspire, create, and expand our impact — and that is only possible with YOUR help and participation.

So keep connected and support us–we would love to continue to grow with you together as a community of people who want to make a difference in the world 🙂

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