Emboldening students, entrepreneurs, and local organizations, one shirt at a time.


We direct up to 60% of our profits to a variety of social good initiatives. Recently, we’ve turned our focus to working with and donating to local organizations such as Center for Farmworkers’ Families and SF Baykeepers. To date, we have donated to 10+ organizations and plan on continuing our support for the social initiatives they are leading to create an greater impact within our own communities.

So far, we’ve lent over $12,000 to entrepreneurs and organizations! EthiCAL Apparel also works to provide non-monetary assistance to organizations through continued volunteer efforts within our local community.

For more information about EthiCAL’s social good initiatives, check out our medium blog!


In previous semesters, our focus has been on microloaning to disadvantaged entrepreneurs who do not have access to traditional financial institutions through Kiva.

Most of EthiCAL’s profits are lent out as microloans to entrepreneurs all over the world who do not have access to traditional financial institutions. We lend through Kiva, a non-profit microfinance organization that provides entrepreneurs zero-interest loans and financial literacy skills to help grow their businesses and local economies. So far, we’ve lent over $6,000 to entrepreneurs all over the world.


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Countries Lent To



Maria is a 22 year-old owner of a tailoring business in El Salvador. She hopes to purchase a new sewing machine for making and repairing clothes.

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Sarah’s goal is to expand her current clothing business in Uganda. With the increased stock, she hopes to expand her clientele and eventually open a retail shop.

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Emile operates a small business of selling elei printing materials in Samoa. She plans to use the loan for purchasing rolling materials, paints, and printing machines.

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At Ethical Apparel we care about our environmental impact as well as our social impact. We partner with Hae Now, an organic and fair trade T-shirt manufacturer. A growing number of items in our line are now organic and fair trade and any custom orders can be made with organic and fairly traded fabric.

Why Fair Trade?

The fair trade movement helps pay workers a living wage, and also ensures a safe and healthy working environments. Fair trade also supports sustainable practices that can minimize environmental impact. It is an important step to reduce global poverty.

Why Organic Cotton?

Organic cotton is GMO free, grown without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides and chemical defoliants. The processing uses less resources and is free of heavy metal dyes and harsh chemicals. The end result is a comfortable shirt that is good for the environment.